How do I forward inquiries from Propertyware?

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To integrate with Propertyware, take the following steps:

  1. Create a user profile with no permissions
    1. Login to Propertyware
    2. Click setup (top right corner)
    3. Expand “Administration Setup” (left hand side)
    4. Expand “Manage Users”
    5. Click “User Profile
    6. Create a new user profile
      1. Name = “External Leasing”
      2. Uncheck global boxes; change all other settings from “On” to “Off” or from “Full Access” to “Read Only”
      3. Save
  2. Create Showdigs as a user
    1. Profile = “External Leasing”
    2. Status = “Active”
    3. Privilege Level = “Normal User”
    4. First name= On Demand
    5. Last name = Showings
    6. Email =
    7. Phone = PM company phone line
    8. Password = whatever PM wants
  3. Assign showdigs as the listing contact
    1. Click marketing
    2. Click on the relevant listing
    3. Scroll to bottom
    4. Add “On Demand Showings” as listing agent
    5. Make primary agent
You're all set! Showdigs will handle your online inquiries and conduct showings on your behalf.

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