High Availability vs Restricted Showings

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Showdigs offers two types of showing modes for your vacancies:

1. High Availability

2. Restricted

Let's review some of the differences between these two options:

High Availability


Recommended Usage

For most vacancies, for best prospect conversion and quickest leasing cycles

For high-demand properties, occupied properties, or where Showdigs agents are not available

Where is it available

In areas where the Showdigs agent network is active


Can be used in occupied properties


Yes, up to 4 showing windows of up to 3 hours each

Can be used to assign tours to your team members

Yes, Showdigs agents will handle showings by default, but you can take-over tours for your team members up to 3 hours before the tour

Yes, you can select whether Showdigs agents or you team members will be assigned to each window in advance, or take-over tours after they've already been scheduled.

Showing times

7 days a week, morning to evening

Custom schedule you decide on.

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