How to find the AppFolio name of a property?

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Finding the AppFolio name for a specific property

For AppFolio users only

When adding a property in Showdigs, you re going to be asked to provide the AppFolio name. This name is used to match incoming guest cards with the right property. It must match exactly, otherwise we can't match prospect to the right property. Please copy-and-paste based on the following instructions:

  1. Login to your AppFolio account.
  2. Go to the property page that you are planning to add to Showdigs.
  3. The AppFolio name we need to match guestcards is the one In the gray box next to property picture. See screenshot
  4. Copy-and-Paste the name into the Showdigs form when adding a new property (can also be added later by editing the property)

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