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How do occupied unit showings work?

How do occupied unit showings work? Showdigs will handle most of the tenant communication on your behalf. We notify the tenants via email and text messages at several points in time: When starting to…

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Scheduling Links

We recommend automating prospect responses to incoming inquiries by having Showdigs act on your behalf for incoming guest cards. However, there are scenarios where you might want to provide a prospec…

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How can I do a showing myself?

If you're available and want to do a showing yourself, you can take it over and avoid paying for a showing. 1. Login at 2. Click on your "Tours" tab 3. On the right hand side, you'll…

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How can I manually schedule a prospect?

What to do if you need to manually schedule a showing for a prospect. For example when a prospect calls you directly or walk into the office.

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How do I let Showdigs handle my scheduling?

Automatically forward your inquiries so Showdigs can respond to your prospects and schedule your tours

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