Getting Started

How do I create my showdigs account?

First step, lets get you set up with your own Showdigs account

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Showing multiple units in the same property

Do you manage a multi-unit apartment building? Showdigs can help! Adding the property to Showdigs. When adding the property to your Showdigs dashboard, name at least one of the units in the optional…

Ohad Ron
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How do I get my property set up for showings?

You have a vacancy you need help with? Set it up on Showdigs so we can schedule prospect and take care of the showings for you.

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What cities does Showdigs cover?

Showdigs operates across the greater Seattle, Portland, and Denver metros. You can see more specifically the areas covered here: Seattle. Portland. Denver. If you'd like Showdigs to expand the bounda…

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How do I order a mid-tenancy inspection?

Easily order your mid-tenancy visual inspection using a Showdigs licensed agent

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