Property Managers F.A.Q

Frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to set up // what does it take to get going?

You can enable your properties to be shown by the Showdigs Agent Network in just a few minutes.

You just need to create your Showdigs account, provide the property’s address, a link to the listing so that our Agents can review key details before the showing, guidance on how our Agents can access the property, and a few other key details.

Create your account here.


Do I have to use you for all of my properties?

Nope. There’s just about no commitment. You can pick and choose which properties you’d like to use Showdigs to help show.


How will your agents know anything about my properties?

When you enable showings, you’ll provide a link to the listing and can provide other notes about the property. Our Agents will review the listing and any other notes you provide about your property so that they can speak to those details.

After each tour, you’ll get a “Tour Report” that includes the prospect’s contact info, relevant tour feedback, and any outstanding questions that you should follow up on, ensuring lead’s can always have all of their questions answered.


Can you show occupied units?

Occupied, vacant, we can do it all.

When you enable showings for an occupied unit, you’ll provide the existing tenant’s contact information and set showing windows that work for the tenant.

Our platform will only allow prospects to schedule a time within those showing windows you’ve set and will always require that the tour time is 24 hours out so that the existing tenant can be properly notified. Our platform will text and email the existing tenant when a tour is scheduled, when a tour is cancelled, and an hour before the tour.


How do I schedule showings?

There are a couple of different ways to schedule showings.

For those Property Managers that want to maintain a lot of control or just want to use Showdigs for after hours and weekend showings, you can manually schedule showings.

For those Property Managers that are looking to pull themselves out of the weeds, focus on higher value work, and instantly respond to and consistently follow up with leads, you can automate the scheduling process by integrating with your Property Management Software.


How do prospects know whether or not someone has accepted their request?

Because we’re so confident we’ll be able to fulfill the prospect’s tour request, we confirm prospect’s showing requests on the spot.

If a property doesn’t fall within proper coverage of our Agent Network, we’ll turn it away.


Can I contact the leads?

Of course you can, they’re your leads! We do recommend that you reach out at a particular time, though.

We believe Property Managers have better things to do than schedule, drive to and from, and conduct showings. We’ll free up that time so that Property Managers can focus on delivering higher return on investments to their clients.

We recommend holding off on reaching out to leads until after they’ve toured. You’ll get a report with the prospect’s contact info, likelihood to apply, and any outstanding questions they might have.


What if the leads have additional questions or want to negotiate on a particular aspect of the lease?

Our Agents will never answer questions that they don’t actually have the answer to and they’ll never negotiate on behalf of the Property Manager.

Our Agents will note outstanding questions or attempts to negotiate lease details in the Tour Report that is sent to Property Managers once the tour is complete.


How do agents access the property?

Our Agents can access the property anyway you’d like them to -- you just need to provide notes as to how they can. Whether it’s a contractor lockbox, an MLS lockbox, a concierge that’s holding on to the key, a keypad, or any other access path you could imagine, as long as you can communicate that when you set up your property, our Agents will get the job done.


Can I just use you to show on weekends and after hours?

You can use us however you’d like. For those Property Managers that love showing but also love to be with their families after the workday on weekends, you can handle the scheduling and just use our Agents to show your property after hours or on weekends.


How do I know that prospects are being responded to?

Our platform never sleeps. It will respond to prospects at any hour, any day of the week.

You’ll get a Daily Report that will show you all of the activity related to your property, including inquiries, upcoming tours, and completed tours.


What areas do you cover?

Currently we cover the greater Seattle Metro and the greater Portland Metro. If you’re interested in having us expand to your city, please let us know.


If the prospect doesn’t show up, does that count as a showing?

No-show, no-pay, as they say. When you enable showings for $225, your no-shows are covered.


What do you do to prevent no-shows?

  1. When we confirm the prospect's showing, we let them know we'll ask for further confirmation prior to the showing.
  2. 3.5 hours before the showing, we'll ask the prospect to confirm their showing. They have until 1 hour before the showing to confirm.
  3. We'll send the prospect a "last chance" text 10 minutes before we plan to cancel their showing.
  4. If we haven't heard back from the prospect at all, we'll cancel their showing and ask them to reschedule.

This process enables us to completely cover the cost of no-shows so that our clients don't spend any time or money catering to non-communicative prospects.


What is the Agent’s incentive to lease the property?

As a company, our incentive is to lease properties quickly; we make our profit off of having the leasing agents lease it as quickly as possible. Plus, if we’re not leasing to your standards, there is no commitment to use us in an ongoing basis.