How do I Enable Showings for a Property that I've Added?

Take these steps within your Showdigs account to allow our Agents to show your property.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on the property that you want Showdigs to lease on your behalf. If the property is a multi-unit property, click on the unit that you would like Showdigs to lease.
  3. On the Manage Property (or Manage Unit) screen, click 'ENABLE SHOWING'.

4. Complete the showing information:

  • Property URL: use the property URL from your website. If you don't have a website, provide a Zillow URL of the property. This will allow the showing agent to answer questions about the property.
  • Application Form URL: we'll provide prospects a link to your application form so that they can easily apply to your property.
  • Contact Phone Number: if the prospect has detailed questions that aren't answered in the listing, we'll have them reach out to this contact. 
  • Lock Box ID/Name: if there is more than one lock box in this location, provide the lock box name/ID so the showing agent can identify which lock box to use for this particular unit.
  • Lock Box Code: each unit must have a lock box with the property key. Provide the combination code of the relevant lock box. 
  • Vacancy Tag: mark whether or not the property is currently vacant. If it is occupied, please provide the tenant's contact information so that we can text the tenant to inform them when showings are scheduled.
  • Special Notes: what would you want the showing agent to know? Are there special things the agent needs to do in order to access the property? Are there unique benefits about the property? You can use this section to provide details that will help us lease your property faster.

5. Read and check the permission checkbox.


Now that you've enabled showings for this property/unit, Showdigs can provide tours on your behalf. In order for us to get your online inquiries and handle them, you have one last step: direct your guest cards to Showdigs.