How do I know how the tours went?

Property Managers are always kept in the loop and are even encouraged to follow up with prospects after they've toured.

Showdigs eliminates unnecessary time spent scheduling showings, driving to and from showings, and conducting showings.

But, we still believe that Property Managers should be involved. After every tour, our agents will provide feedback about what the prospect liked or disliked about the property in addition to anything else you might want to know (e.g. "There's a leaking faucet").

This "Tour Report" will be sent to you, the Property Manager, immediately once the tour is completed, so that you're fully in the know as to how things went. The most effective Property Managers follow up with those leads to answer any potentially outstanding questions and to establish a relationship with their prospective tenants.

The Showdigs platform will guide prospects from inquiry through application, holding their hand every step along the way, but we know that it's imperative for Property Managers to know what's going on and we encourage Property Managers to close the loop with prospects after they've toured.