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How do Agents perform property inspections?

To better understand how our Agents perform walkthroughs, what they look for, etc, read this article.

full walkthrough (view example report)

  • For each area in your property, our Agents will provide a light description and take an overview photo
  • For the typical area, our Agents will review:
    • The walls/windows
    • The ceiling
    • The floor
  • For a kitchen, our Agents will also review:
    • Underneath the sink
  • For a bathroom, our Agents will also review:
    • Underneath the sink
    • The shower/tub
  • For anything outside of the property, our Agents will review
    • The building exterior
    • Landscaping
    • Notable tenant possessions
  • Anytime there's something of note, our Agents will take a photograph, provide written commentary, and tag the issue for your review.
  • Anytime something looks fine, our Agents will tag the item as satisfactory.
  • If there are smoke/co detectors that are reachable, our Agents will test that batteries are functioning. In any case, our Agents will photograph the detectors.
  • Our Agents will provide a summary, answering the following questions:
    • Any signs of pets?
    • Evidence of smoking?
    • Noticeable leaks or water damage?
    • Proper lawn maintenance?
    • Obvious pest infestation?
    • Anything that smells out of the ordinary?
  • Review an example report here.

exterior walkthrough only (email nick@showdigs.com to view an example)

  • The exterior walkthrough is a subset of the above. Our Agents will look for:
    • Visible risk to the building/tenant by reviewing for:
      • Clogged gutters/downspouts 
      • Trees near property
      • Moss on walking surfaces
      • Fence decay
    • Visible lease violations including:
      • Landscaping maintenance
      • Signs of pets
      • Signs of smoking
    • Our agents will take photographs of anything that should be reviewed
    • Our agents will provide a general summary with their thoughts
    • Email nick@showdigs.com for an example report or for any additional questions.