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Get your property on the map to allow our agents show it off

If you need assistance showing your property, this will talk you through the process from start to finish.

  1. Log in to your account here

  2. Click "Add Property" near the top-right hand of the screen

    Fill out all of the necessary information using the tool tips along the way. Here are some helpful answers to some pretty common questions!

    Q. Why won't it accept my address?

    • More than likely it's because the address was not validated. When you begin to type, a drop-down list will appear, you must ensure you chose the correct address.

    Q. Do I need multiple photos for my property?

    • Not at all! Definitely put an exterior shot so our agents know they are at the correct property.

    Q. How do I get a link to my ad?

    • That depends where the property is listed. If you search Zillow and find your property, take the URL from the top bar on your browser and copy / paste the link.

    Q. What if I don't have an online application?

    • Then you need to get with the times! Contact our team at "" and we can help address your situation.

  3. Schedule showings your way

    We recommend you choose "Showdigs Scheduling" to completely reap the benefits from our platform. You will get 24/7 responses and follow-ups to prospects who do not schedule. Alternatively, you can schedule a showing in a few other ways.