What is Showdigs?

"The Uber of Property Showings."

Showdigs offers on-demand, guided rental showings. 

On behalf of a Property Manager, Showdigs responds to online inquiries and leverages its team of professional Real Estate agents to allow prospective renters to tour rental properties on-demand.

Our service benefits 4 parties:

  • Property Owners get to have their property treated like it's the only one that the Property Manager manages. The Property Manager can show the owner's property at anytime, ensuring it leases as quickly as possible.
  • Property Managers can lease their vacant properties more efficiently than ever before, without having to deal with the pains of managing inquiries or conducting showings. 
  • Real-Estate Agents can earn extra cash and build their showing expertise, all on their own schedule.
  • Potential Renters are no longer restricted by the limited flexibility of leasing agents, allowing them to tour rentals that were previously inaccessible due to scheduling limitations. 

What types of properties does Showdigs work with?

Showdigs helps show residential rental properties. Whether it's multifamily housing, a condominium, or a single family house, Showdigs helps property managers scale for the Summer, descale for the Winter, enable cost efficiencies, and fills vacancies.