Showing multiple units in the same property

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Do you manage a multi-unit apartment building? Showdigs can help!

Adding the property to Showdigs

When adding the property to your Showdigs dashboard, name at least one of the units in the optional 'Unit' field, like so:

You can add more units using the 'add another unit' button, or remove units with the red trash can icon.

Starting Showings

When choosing to start on demand showings, you'll be able to choose which unit to activate using the drop down menu:

Once you complete the activation process, that unit will be available for showings. When clicking the property in the main properties list, you'll be able to see the status of each unit individually, and add units as needed.

Main properties screen:

After clicking the specific property:

Showing process

Once showings are enabled, you will be able to operate each unit independently - pause showing if needed, stop it when the lease is finalised, edit it's own attributes such as access notes or general notes.

A few caveats to note

Units at the same property behave mostly like individual properties, but there a few shortcuts to make setup a bit easier.

1. There are some attributes of the property that are shared between the units - address, cover picture, Appfolio name, and some of the pre-screening criteria.

2. Incoming guest cards - some marketing platforms (e.g. Zillow) send guest cards without specifying a unit. If the property has just one active unit, we'll assign the guest card to it. But in case there is more than one, we'll assign it to the latest activated unit. Adding inquiries manually or using our scheduling link is unit-specific and therefore doesn't have that issue.

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