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Properties & Units

AppFolio to Showdigs

Properties and units that are created in AppFolio, and connected to Showdigs, will be created and updated in Showdigs automatically.

Changes made in AppFolio may take up to one hour to synchronize into Showdigs. If you need to see an update sooner, there are a couple of options to manually sync data in Showdigs:

  1. Properties > "Sync Listing" can be used to update all units.

  2. Properties > [select a unit] > Overview > "Sync Now" (bottom of the Property Info section) will update the unit you are viewing.

Additionally, any attribute that is synchronized will only be able to be updated in AppFolio. You will find these attributes visible, but disabled, in Showdigs to make sure you data stays accurate and consistent.

There are a few special scenarios we'd also like to highlight:

  • Changing the address in AppFolio will not update the address info in Showdigs. In this case, you will need to manually update the address in Showdigs as well.

  • Deleting a unit from AppFolio, or disconnecting it from the integration, will not result in a change to the unit in Showdigs. You will need to manually stop showings and/or archive the unit.


AppFolio to Showdigs

Every time an inquiry is added to AppFolio, a matching inquiry will be created in Showdigs. This will occur without the need for any special email addresses or other process from you.

(It may take up to two minutes for the inquiry to be created in Showdigs.)

Guest Cards

Showdigs to AppFolio

Every time a tour is completed in Showdigs, a Guest Card will be created in AppFolio.

Condition Reports

Showdigs to AppFolio

Every time a condition report is completed in Showdigs, it will be attached to the relevant property or unit in AppFolio.

Periodic reports, specifically, will also be attached to the relevant AppFolio tenant, so you can find them in two places in AppFolio.

(Coming soon) If you do not wish for this to occur, you can disable the condition report sync from the Settings > Integrations > AppFolio Import area by setting "Condition report destination" to "Disabled."