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You can now decide whether or not to deliver weekly reports for the current leasing cycle per property, we can send those directly to the owners (or to the PMs). Owner reports will be sent out each Monday morning at 8am, whether the property is active or paused.

The report contains crucial information like:

  • A summary of the marketing funnel: Inquiries, tours scheduled/completed, and clicks into the application link. We will let you know these counts from the last week and also the overall total counts.

  • Details about recent tours: Tour dates, lead names, likelihood to apply, and a short summary of the tour

  • Agent feedback for the property: Does the unit show well? We will include all the relevant feedback from the agent note to ensure the property is up to your standards

You can enable the option to send the report in one of the following ways:

  1. Properties > [select property] > Listing tab > Weekly owner report

  2. When activating a property for showings

The listing owner will be included by default, but you can add/remove recipients as required.