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What is a tour budget?

With any property you activate, you will have the option to set a tour budget. This means you can set the number of completed tours you want done for each individual property. This is essential for a number of reasons but the most important being controlling the cost of tours at each property. You can base your tour budget on how much you would like to spend for showings at each property or on how many tours you think you may need to get the property rented out. It is always better to set the budget to a lower amount, in case you need to make any changes. You can always add more showings to the tour limit but you cannot lower the amount once the tours have been completed.

The importance of managing your tour budget

Setting a limit for the number of completed tours at your properties not only helps prevent overspending, but also gives you the opportunity to review any applications you may have received. The tour limit also gives you the chance to review tour reports to find recurring themes as to why the property has not been rented. This can help facilitate conversations with the owner and to encourage them to make any necessary changes to the property to help it rent faster.

How does the tour budget work?

Once the property has reached the amount of completed and paid tours, meaning tours done by Showdigs agents, the property will automatically pause. We will not count any tours towards the tour limit that have been taken over or shown in house. The property will be paused for five days. After those five days, the property will automatically deactivate. You will need to manually unpause the property if you would like to continue showing it.

What happens when my property reaches the tour limit?

During this pause period, we will still receive any incoming inquiries. They will be able to schedule a tour after the pause period, since we allow prospects to schedule up to ten days in advance. If the property is deactivated, any prospects who scheduled tours in advance will be informed that the property is no longer available.

Why are there more scheduled tours than my tour budget?

We are aware that oftentimes, prospects will schedule tours but not be able to make it due to no-shows, prospects canceling, or Showdigs canceling the tours because of no confirmation. It is important that we keep scheduling appointments so that we can have tours lined up in case you want to unpause the property and continue showing it. Say you have a tour limit of 5 tours, but 7 people scheduled a tour. Once the completed and paid tour limit is reached, we inform the prospects that had scheduled the tour that their tour has been canceled. We will only go over the tour budget if there are back-to-back concurrent tours.

How to set up and manage your tour budget for your active properties?

  1. When enabling showings, you will be prompted to set a tours limit, click the toggle to enable.

  1. Select the number of tours you deem necessary for this property.

  2. Finish the property set up and you are good to go. We will email the listing contact if/when you hit that limit.

If you have already activated your property and want to add or edit the tour budget, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the property from your home screen

  2. Click "Edit" from the top-right corner

  3. Expand the "Set tours limit" section

    4. Toggle the feature and select the number of tours.

    5. Save your changes at the bottom, and you are all set.