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Restricted Showings

Generally, we recommend using High Availability showings in order to have your property rented as quickly as possible. That being said, Restricted showings gives you the ability to create a specific showing schedule for your property. It gives you the option to create a set schedule for either your in-house team, our Showdigs agents, or both.

You can do this by selecting the property in question, and choosing to Start Showing.

Once you reach the Showing Schedule section, select Restricted in order to bring up the scheduling option.

You can create the showing schedule around your team members' availabilities, and can even choose the set times when you want Showdigs agents to conduct your showings. You also have the possibility to let Showdigs agents cover any tours that may have been booked for your team, in case they cannot do the showing.

When setting up 'restricted showings' please make sure to click on your settings and scroll down to 'schedule notice limit.' This feature decides how far in advance a prospect can schedule a tour with your in-house staff.