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We have recently added the ability to syndicate your listings to popular rental listing sites. When you enable a syndication network, we will share all of the listing related information from all of your active (and paused) properties, with the enabled syndication networks. Those networks will use that information to create ads on their rental listing sites.

In order to enable syndication, simply go to Settings > ILS Syndication and you will see our supported networks. Click on the toggle next to the networks you would like to use and all of your active properties will be sent to those networks. Moving forward, any activated property will be added to that list and set to those networks as well.

Zillow Network

Zillow offers both free and premium syndication options, which are designed to help renters access more listings while also providing landlords and property managers with powerful tools to help them connect with tenants and fill their vacancies as quickly as possible.
You will need to sign up for Zillow Feed Connect in order to get access to listing syndication and unlock a premium level of listing exposure and branding on the most visited rentals network. This goes along with Zillow Rentals' suite of tools, prioritized seven-day-a-week support, and advanced analytics to better understand market conditions, competitor and renter insights, listing performance, and more.

Once you have a Feed Connect account, you will be able to add your Showdigs feed to your account, to make sure you continue to get the benefits offered with your Zillow account.

Your Website

You can also host our listings on your website by using our listing widget. Learn more about how to set this up.