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Listing Shield introduction

As a property manager, you know that rental scams are unfortunately all too common. Scammers can post fake rental listings on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace, lure prospective renters to properties they don't own, and fraudulently collect security deposits or rental fees. At Showdigs, we understand the challenges that rental scams pose to your business, and we're always looking for ways to help you protect yourself and your tenants.

That's why we're excited to offer Listing Shield, an add-on service that provides an additional layer of protection against rental scams. When you enable Listing Shield on a property, we'll take all the rental information about the property - the address, pictures, price, and more - and use this information to scour Craigslist and Facebook for fake rental listings. If one is detected, we'll automatically report it as a scam and have it removed from the site.

Listing Shield also includes advanced ID verification with facial recognition technology. When a prospective renter schedules a self-showing, they'll need to upload a copy of their government ID and take a couple of selfies. We'll use technology to review the ID, ensure the person in the selfies is a live person and matches the person on the ID, and perform other proprietary checks to validate their identity. This can help reduce the amount of fraudulent attempts to get access to the property.

We want to be clear that no feature can catch 100% of scams, but Listing Shield is another layer of protection against rental scams. We're committed to helping you protect yourself and your tenants, and we believe Listing Shield can make a difference.