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Here's our communication protocol:

Tenants will be reminded about an upcoming showing window 24 hours before showing window begins:
Hi {tenant_first_name}, just a heads up, there's a showing window with tours planned for {property_name} tomorrow, between {window_start_time} and {window_end_time}

We'll provide another update 2 hours ahead of that window with more specifics.

Tenant notification message 2 hours before a showing window begins:

Hi {tenant_first_name}, this is just a reminder - tours at {property_name} are taking place soon. Tours will take place at {tour_times}.

Tenant notification message when a showing window approaches but no tours were scheduled (also 2 hours before the showing windows begin):

Hi {tenant_first_name}, FYI - no tours are planned today for the showing window between {window_start_time} and {window_end_time}

Upon activation, tenants will receive this initial email which outlines the agreed-upon showing windows - see the example.