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Q: Is the wording throughout the report consistent?

A: Our wording is consistent throughout the report. We give the agents the same template and give them different values they can choose from. Our range of values is as follows:

  • For the general line items the options are either:
    'All good' or 'Noticeable issues' which will include a description in the notes column.

  • The CO/smoke detectors battery check have the following options:
    'Operable' meaning the agent was able to reach the button, push it and the detectors chirped.
    'Unreachable, tenant says it's working'
    'Unreachable', tenant didn't know if working'
    'Not working' meaning the agent was able to reach the button but the detector didn't chirp
    'Not present' meaning the agent did not see a detector in the section or was only able to see the housing of a detector but no detector was mounted in it.

  • General cleanliness line items:
    'Clean but cluttered/messy' which uses the agent's subjective opinion
    'Dirty' which requires additional notes and pictures if chosen by the property manager.

Q: Do the agents carry step ladders?

A: Our agents do not carry step ladders with them.

Q: Do the agents test the CO/Smoke detectors?

A: Our agents do not test CO/Smoke detectors. They will only note if they exist or not. If they are reachable, they will attempt to test the battery to make sure it is not dead. They do this by pushing the button, but that does not mean the detector will work in case of fire.

Q: Do the agents check to see if the CO/Smoke detectors are in their legal spots?

A: No they do not, but they will capture their location and document it through photos.

Q: Why isn’t there a separate line item for floors/walls?

A: We had walls and floors as separate line items in the past but it cluttered the report and in simplifying it, we’ve decided to only reflect issues with the floors/walls if there is something wrong.

Q: Does the agent ask the resident when they last changed the filter? Are they able to replace a filter if needed?

A: Our agents are instructed to take photographs of the filter and they will note down whether or not they believe it should be changed based on their subjective opinion. Unfortunately, they do not have an inventory of replacement filters.

Q: Do you capture the backyard and the front yard?

A: Our agents take photos of the exterior of the property, including both the front and back.

Q: Why does one condition report look a little different than the other?

A: Our agents use the same generic template, but we rely on their subjective but experienced opinions. Each condition report may vary a little depending on different agents.