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It can be costly if your showing numbers are too high for a single property.

There are a few options that we recommend once your property has reached 15 live agent showings. These can help keep the tour amount in an acceptable range for your needs, and keep the overall cost down.

  1. Once a property is shown 15 times, you can set it to restricted showings and have Showdigs schedule tours with your in-house staff once a week. You will not be charged for tours conducted by your own team.

  2. You can also deactivate the property, and then re-activate it as a self showing property. This way you are not charged for any additional Showdigs agent tours, and your staff will also not need to be present at the property for any tours.

  3. One last option is to invoice the property owner after each showing that occurs after the initial 15 showings. This can add some pressure to the owner to make any necessary changes to the property that may be keeping it on the market for an extended period of time.

Also, putting a tour limit of approximately 15 tours for these high traffic properties can help keep you aware of how many tours have occurred, so you can act accordingly.