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This article will cover the differences between deactivating a showing and pausing a showing. It will also cover when you should decide between these two options.

Once a property is active, you have the option to pause or deactivate it.

Pausing the property:

You should pause the property when there is a technical issue, whether it be an issue with the lockbox, a missing key, etc. This means the property will still receive inquiries but the prospects will not be able to schedule a tour. They will receive a message stating the reason why the property is not currently touring.

Any prospects that may have already scheduled a tour will also be informed why the tour was canceled. Tours will not be canceled if the property is paused an hour before the scheduled tour. Once the property is unpaused, any inquiry that we got during that time period will receive a text message to schedule a tour.

Deactivating the property “Stop Showing”:

You should deactivate the property only once the property has been rented out or for any other reason why you want to stop showing it. Once the property is deactivated there will be no more scheduled tours and all other tours will be canceled. The prospects will receive a text letting them know their tour has been canceled.


Please make sure to pause the property if you want to review applications, maintenance, etc, and do not deactivate it. Please deactivate once the property has been rented, or is no longer an active listing.