What do I need to do at each Showing?

As an experienced Real Estate Agent, you know how to show a property. Because our service is designed for the rental market and “occasional clients”, there are a few different guidelines that you should be familiar with.

Before the showing

1. Arrive at the property at least 5 minutes before the scheduled tour time. This will give you time to:

  • Find the lock box
  • Turn on the lights or open the blinds to let light in
  • Explore the property to make sure that everything looks as you'd expect it to

2. Read the property information before the meeting so that you're prepared to answer basic questions about the property (e.g. "Are pets allowed?")

During the showing

  1. Introduce yourself as a broker who has been hired by the property manager to provide access to the property. In a friendly way, ensure the prospect knows that you are there to provide access to the property and answer general questions about the property and the neighborhood. Any detailed questions, that are not on the listing ad, should be directed to the property manager. The prospect has the property manager's contact info, but you can always share the info as well.
  2. Give the prospect as much time to look around as they need.
  3. Remind the prospect that they can apply online using the link that Showdigs sent them. If they have any additional questions, they should reach out to the property manager.

After the showing

1. In the app, confirm that the tour has been completed and provide feedback:

  • Select “all good” OR "something was wrong"
  • If something was wrong, list any issue that needs to be fixed and any comment from the prospect about the property, that the property manager should be aware of, like remarks about the price, size of a room, noisy place etc... (The feedback is about the property only, not your opinion about the prospect

2. Turn the lights off & close the blinds

3. Ensure that no water faucets were left running

4. Lock the property

5. Return the key to the lock box and scramble the code