What do I need to do if I use showmojo?

There are a couple of showmojo features that may disrupt the seamless prospect experience that we like to provide.

  1. Login to your Showmojo account
  2. Navigate to the property's listing that you plan to list with Showdigs
  3. Click 'Listing Options'
  4. Depending on the settings you've already enabled, you may not need to change some of these. Otherwise, ensure 'Showmojo will not syndicate this listing', 'Showmojo will not send confirmation requests for this listing', and Showmojo 'will not' send follow-up emails and text messages for this listing.
showmojo listing options (1)

5. Login to AppFolio

6. Go to Leasing > Vacancies

7. Edit the Vacancy Posting Contact Settings to tour@showdigs.com -- Make sure you don't change your profile email! Scroll down until you see Vacancy Posting Contact Settings.

8. Post to Internet and Website (for this unit to be assigned to Showdigs).

If you've already added and activate the property on Showdigs, you're set! Otherwise check out the next steps here: Add a Property on Showdigs.