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Showdigs can perform two types of condition reports:


Detailed reports of nearly every inch of the property. You will receive a PDF file filled with photos and descriptions of all areas of the property.

To perform this report, our agents will need a 4-hour window and the property will have to be in a ready-to-see condition. Ensure the agent will be there without other vendors, such as painters, maintenance personnel, etc.

Periodic Reports

Not as much of a deep-dive like the above report. The same concept of photos and descriptions for each room. You will be notified of anything out of the ordinary, such as major damages or lease violations.

Our team will coordinate all tenant communication, and the tenant will be at the property for the entire duration of the report. Check out more information here.

Vacant Property Checks

Covers high-level condition of major aspects of the property. Perfect for properties that are vacant and need a simple condition checks throughout the vacancy. Ideal for properties that offer self-showings.

Ordering a report

To order these reports for a desired property, the property must be listed on your Showdigs dashboard. Once it is added, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the three-dot menu in the properties list and choose "Book a service"

  2. Choose "condition report"

  3. Choose your preferred report type and follow the on-screen instructions

After finishing your order, you will be able to see the status of your report and all completed reports in the "Condition Reports" screen.

If you have a large batch of reports you need for a list of properties, our team would love to help and get those reports completed. Contact us directly at for assistance.